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The Korogwe Project strives to shape a productive and profitable agricultural sector for smallholder farmers in Tanzania--one that celebrates local knowledge while introducing agricultural best practices, fosters innovative thought while encouraging robust decision-making, and ultimately allows smallholder farmers to meet their basic needs while constantly striving for higher productivity and profitability.

By bringing together and fostering a collaborative network of 2Seeds Tanzania partners, farmers, and agricultural stakeholders throughout the region, the Korogwe Project specifically focuses on the following areas: 

  • Training and education: Creating and facilitating trainings for the entire 2Seeds Tanzania network (financial management, critical decision-making, farmer group management) as well as supporting specific 2Seeds village project training needs.  The Korogwe Project not only focuses on engaging training sessions but also on effective follow-up activities that promote knowledge retention and idea adoption.  
  • Human capital development: Developing a network of expert agricultural trainers and training facilitators throughout the Tanga region both for 2Seeds and non-2Seeds trainings. By introducing new pedagogical training methods, the Korogwe Project encourages interactive educational methods that demonstrate higher retention levels.  As the network for trainers and facilitators develops, they will conduct series of waterfall-style trainings throughout the Korogwe region reaching a wider-audience and expanding the 2Seeds Tanzania presence. 
  • Network formation: Fostering collaborative thought throughout the 2Seeds Tanzania network in order to strengthen ties between our 2Seeds projects and partners so that future collective market access is successful.  Currently hosting a series of 2Seeds partner summits, the Korogwe Project works to support cross-village idea exchange and initiatives.   The Korogwe Project is also working with other organizations focused on smallholder farmer solutions to encourage knowledge exchange and to learn from various NGO expereinces in East Africa. 


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