About Google Ads Automation

Getting customers online is becoming more sophisticated and challenging than ever before. That is more of the case on the online platform. As a marketer, you should find the right strategies for engaging with customers to increase your conversion rate. However, manually doing so can be quite exhausting and will consume too much of your time. That is where automated Google ads come in.

Google Ads Smart Creative and Smart Bidding solutions make use of machine learning technology, which analyzes signals in real-time and presents relevant information to customers at a time when it matters to them the most. That relieves you from having to optimize your bidding or ads manually, and help you stick to Google Ads best practices. It also reduces response time and gives better results.

Smart Bidding

Smart bidding can optimize bids for all auctions and does so in real-time. It uses various automated bid strategies that optimize for auction-time bidding. The strategies include target ROAS, target CPA, Enhanced CPE, maximize conversion value, and maximize conversions. Remember that conversion tracking has to be enabled when using Smart Bidding, except for when you use Enhance CPC with Display campaigns.

Smart Biding offers four main benefits that help improve performance and save time. The four benefits are advanced machine learning, flexible performance controls, a wide range of contextual signals, and transparent performance reporting. It works quite well for all businesses, large or small.

Smart Creatives

Creative quality has a direct and significant influence on the impact of advertising. Smart Creatives makes use of Google’s machine learning to select and build the most suitable creative assets combination for each user. That allows you to focus on various other efforts that may be more strategic to your marketing campaigns.

Smart Creative Features

  • Responsive display ads

When you upload your assets, such as images, logos, headlines, and descriptions, Google Ads automatically generates ads that show up on Google Display Network. The benefits of this include ads optimization, broader reach, and time-saving. It can also be used with dynamic marketing.

  • Dynamic search ads

With this format, your website is used to target your ads. It helps you to fill in the keyword-based campaign gaps. Its benefits include time-saving, ads control, and capture of additional traffic. It also shows relevant headlines with your ads, which are generated dynamically.

  • Responsive Search Ads

This helps to create adaptive advertisements that show more text to your customers, with the messages being more relevant.