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How To Manage Pain In Dogs

Your dog might have certain signs that indicate he is experiencing pain like whimpering, becoming antisocial, excessive aggressiveness, limping, restlessness, etc. If your dog has undergone a surgical or dental procedure you can see more at to learn about pain management. It is always important to talk to your Vet before administering any pain medication to your dog.


A head-to-toe massage is highly recommended to help the dog relax and soothe her. It gives you a chance to examine where the pain is and identify any bruises in the body. Massage eases sore muscles, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress caused by injuries on your dog. A massage is supposed to be done when the dog is rested and calm. You should apply gentle compressions over the area, the press and release rhythm can be established using breathing or counting slowly.

The pumping motion is meant to move fluids through the muscles and take tension off the tensions surrounding the joints. Avoid using direct force over a bone. Another massage technique is petting strokes over the dog’s body. Gently rubbing the larger muscles like neck, shoulders, thighs, and buttocks. With regular massage, it will reduce stiffness and pain that causes arthritis.

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Cbd Oil

According to studies, CBD oil has been found to reduce inflammation that causes pain in dogs. CBD oil is derived from a particular strain popularly known as hemp. This strain is regulated by law to contain only less than 3% of THC which is too small to harm your pet. The compound in CBD oil is not psychoactive hence can’t get your dog high. It is effective for reducing pain caused by arthritis and hip dysplasia.

CBD oil can be administered directly to the dog through the mouth, however, you have to be careful not to make your dog gag, it will make her aggressive. Another way is to mix it with food, find the food thy life and add a few drops of CBD oil. This method is good because the food masks the taste of CBD with the flavor. You can also dilute the oil with water that your dog drinks. The general rule is 1-3 milligrams of CBD per 10lbs of body weight. The larger the dog, the more the milligram of CBD oil.

Heat Therapy

This method was borrowed from a DIY and has proven to be effective. You need to fill a cotton tube and sock with four cups of rice or while corn. Then knot the end or tie it with a string and ensure it is closed. Microwave your sock in a microwave for at least a minute and there you have a heating pad for your dog.

It will help soothe aches and pain when placed on the dog’s body. An alternative is to use the canine light therapy pads which use wavelengths of light for relieving pain, muscle relaxation, releasing trigger points, and healing injuries. The heat also helps to reduce stiffness, muscle spasms and increases blood flow throughout the body of the dog.

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Most veterinarians prescribe medication to treat pain in dogs. The medication comes in form of pills, gel, skin patches, and as a liquid. Steroids and other supplements are the traditional treatment options for anti-inflammatory purposes and pain relief. You Vet can …

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FAQs About CBD Dog Treats

The CBD industry is fast-growing, making lots of people and pets happy in the process. While most people might be aware of the use of cannabis in treating or managing some human conditions, most of them might be in the dark when it comes to animal use. Is CBD safe for pets? These are some of the questions asked by people who might not be familiar with CBD dog treats. That said, here are some common concerns about CBD for pets.cbd dog treats

Are CBD Products for Pets Psychoactive?

When most people think of CBD or medical marijuana, the first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of getting high. And this applies when they hear about CBD for canines. It is worth noting that CBD pet products are made from cannabinol, which is non-psychoactive. So the last thing you should be worried about when buying CBD dog treats is the possibility of getting high.

Can CBD Harm My Pet?

How safe is my dog if it consumed CBD? This is a common question. While CBD might have some minor effects on your dog, numerous studies have confirmed that CBD does not pose any severe effects on your furry friend’s health. You only need to take time and get the dosage right. However, as far as the benefits are concerned, your pet stands to gain a lot.

What Is the Correct CBD Dose?

It has been suggested above that dosage is critical to safeguarding your pet’s health. But how much is enough? It is not easy to come up with a universal dosage, considering that each dog is unique. Most manufactures have the concentration of CBD displayed on their products. feeding a pet

What Can CBD Help With?

Well, you do not just buy CBD products for the sake of buying. As such, you need to know what this product might have to offer for your pet. CBD’s main uses as far as canines are concerned include relieving anxiety, managing pain, seizures, and digestive issues, among other conditions. CBD is the real deal as far as making your pet happier and healthier.

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Hiring the Right Veterinarian

Most homesteads usually keep pets because of the company they offer. They turn out to be the best company you can have. Dogs are always playful, and this is another reason why people love keeping them. Seeing them play around is something that can ease off the stress you are going through. You should take good care of your pets to make sure they live longer. Medical check ups are essential for pets.

Just like humans, they also need this treatment to ensure they are in the ideal state always. You can hire a veterinarian who will ensure your pet is in good shape. Austin veterinarians are some of the best you will get for the task. Several treatments can be administered to ensure your cat or dog does not fall ill in the future. The other thing you can do to ensure your pet is fit all the time is feeding it properly.

You should give it a balanced diet to ensure it grows strong and healthy. Do not forget to include fluids like water which are suitable for your pet’s skin. Offering proper shelter to them will also ensure they are in the right shape always. That said, you need to look for a good veterinarian who will always carry out check ups on your pet and other animals. Here is what you should consider when hiring one.

pet treatmentExperience

The experience a specific animal vet has for this type of job will guide you in picking the best. You can go for one who has been doing this for long. The period they have been in service is something you should consider when looking for one you find the best. This will help ensure your pets, and other animals get quality treatment.


You should also look for someone qualified for the job. There are so many quacks out there masquerading as veterinary doctors. Hiring one of them will be exposing your pet to several risks. You should look for someone who has the right certification which may include an operating license from the relevant veterinary bodies in your area.


healthy catsThe amount being charged for such a treatment on your pet is another thing you need to put into consideration. You can compare prices between the different veterinarians in your area. Do not forget to consider their level of expertise in the process. Referrals from friends can help you get the best and affordable vet.…

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Benefits of Raising Pets with Children

A child can get lonely and bored. This is the case when a child is raised alone. It is advisable to have a pet around the child. In this way, he or she will have a companion in your home. Remember that pets do match the excitement and energy level of a child. The truth is that an adult cannot match the enthusiasm and energy of a pet, particularly a dog. It can keep the child engaged and busy. It can also be a constant playmate. The following are some benefits of raising pets with a child:

Increase activity level of a child

children and a petWe are living in an era of tabloids and smart-phones. Thus, there is a good chance that your child becomes less active. Recent studies have shown that kids who play with dogs are more active as compared to those who do not. It is advisable for a child to spend at least 11 minutes with a pet a day. For instance, it can help your kid to walk an extra mile.

Grows responsibility

When a child spends time with a pet, he or she becomes more responsible as compared to those who do not. In fact, it can keep them alert and ensure that the cat or dog gets its share of water and food. Also, they develop a habit of sharing. Moreover, kids learn to become accountable. In this way, they will grow to be responsible adults.

Makes them empathetic

a boy and a dog playingPets teach the children to be empathetic and even kind towards the others. Kids who do not have pets are likely to become repulsive and cruel towards other animals. On the other hand, kids who have pets such as cats or dogs try to care more as compared to others. This is because the responsibility of taking care of a pet improves their self-esteem and makes them accountable.

Makes them healthier

Studies show that there are several health benefits of having a pet. In fact, babies that are raised near pets are less likely to fall sick as compared to those who are not. Dogs can carry microbes that can help improve the immunity of the baby. Interaction with the pets is helpful in releasing dopamine hormones in the child. This can make your child cheerful.…