Different Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

The process of eliminating mosquitoes might be a hard task because they can lay 100 eggs at a time. It is easy for their population to get out of control. There are two main methods of getting rid of mosquitoes; killing and repelling. Using a Mosquito magnet will help you to trap all the mosquitos.

Repelling keeps the mosquitoes away by making you less attractive to them. Mosquitoes pose a danger to both human beings and other animals by carrying diseases such as malaria, West Nile, Zika, and dengue.

Using Chemical Repellent

Chemical mosquito repellents keep away mosquitoes by making you less attractive to them. The repellents that contain 30-50 % DEET are the most popular ones recommended for both adults and children over 2 months.

For infants, you can use 10-30 %. The effect of DEET can last up to 12 hours depending on the amount you have applied. DEET has proven to meet the safety standards required for use. Picaridin found in repellents is odorless, has a pleasant feel, and can be applied on infants below 2 months of age.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used to repel mosquitoes but are not effective compared to traditional pesticides. The best essential oils used include; lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, clove, tea tree oil. Mix a few drops of the essential oil of your choice with one cup of water. Put in a spray bottle, shake it well.

The essential oils are safe to be sprayed directly on the skin and on other surfaces in your home. Essential oils are natural repellent that is effective for up to half a day. You can also look for commercial repellents that contain essential oils as their premium ingredients.


This is the method of mosquito repellent that is recommended by doctors. In areas infested with mosquitoes to just need to put a mosquito net around your bed and make sure it covers all the corners completely. When you can’t close up all the gaps in the vicinity this is the effective method to use.

You should also consider covering mosquito nets around kennels and other pets refuge. Ensure there are no holes on the net even the tiny ones caused by long toenails. There are ways of treating a mosquito net by washing in some chemicals and allowing it dry under the sun.

mosquito control

Covering Gaps

This is the basic method of getting rid of mosquitoes. Fix any gaps in screens and doors to keep mosquitoes from entering your home. During the day, monitor any space around that you see sunlight.

Do proper and thorough sealing. You can use a simple door strip to do an easy fix. Make sure you close the windows early enough to prevent any entrance of mosquitoes.…