Top-Rated Rotary Evaporators on the Current Market

Rotary evaporators are types of equipment that are designed to separate various types of liquids or substances from concentrate materials or mixtures. For instance, one can use this equipment to remove water from a mixture of miscible liquids that have different boiling points. The liquids that make the mixture turn into their gaseous state when the mixture is heated. Individual liquids are then condensed into their liquid state by the condenser. One can get the best value for his money by selecting an evaporator that meets his budget and needs. The WKIELAB cheap but quality rotary evaporator is a an efficient piece of equipment that you can use to separate your solvent from a mixture of liquids.

How Does a Rotary Evaporator Work?

Rotary evaporators are mainly used in the laboratory to separate or remove solvents from a mixture of materials by evaporation under reduced pressure. They are also used in the industry to distill large volumes of volatile solvents, materials, or concentrates. Evaporation of the mixture takes place in the evaporation flask, which is in a continuous rotary motion. The rotating the container helps to increase the surface area of evaporation and lower the boiling point of the solvent. Generally, this is the principle that increases the rate at which the solvent evaporates.

Best Types of Rotary Evaporators on the Market

RE-1050 Rotary Evaporator

The RE-1050 is a rotary evaporator which is made of aluminum alloy and steel. High-quality materials are used to make it, and its structure is also reasonable. High borosilicate glass is used to make the evaporating flask, thanks to its resistance to corrosion and high temperature. It has a three-layer vertical system that increases the recovery rate. This system consists of a serpentine coil condenser, sub-cooling double condenser, and the primary cooling unit. Its outer layer is covered by a silicone layer that increases its efficiency even at high temperatures.


  • It has a simple operation
  • It has an excellent sealing performance
  • It comes with a temperature sensor and an intelligent thermostatic control

RE-2010 Rotary Evaporator

This evaporator has an electrical system that adjusts the speed of rotation of the evaporating flask. You can use it to set a suitable speed and thus increase the rate of evaporation. It comes with a vacuum flask that lowers the working pressure of the flask. This unit has a water bath that ensures that the evaporating flask always at a constant working temperature. Evaporation of the solution takes place in the flask that is under negative pressure.


  • It comes with a digital display unit that enables the user to see the working temperature and speed at a glance
  • It has a lifting rod system that is easy to use and operate