Consideration When Picking the Right Bass Fishing Rod

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It can be a daunting task to choose the best bass fishing rod, and this makes the anglers to settle for what they can afford. However, besides the budget, there are other factors that you should factor before buying a bass fishing rods. With bass fishing, getting the right rod is paramount since it will enable you to cast your baits, play around with the lures, and most crucial, haul in the catch. And in a market saturated with tons of fishing rods, it can certainly be confusing to pick the most appropriate one for you.

Below are some factors to weigh on as you pick the best bass fishing rod:

The Fishing Rod Material

what the rod is made ofTypically, fishing rods are made of fiberglass, graphite, or a composite of the two materials. The majority of bass rods on the market these days are made from graphite. These are super light, which is an advantage when spending long days fishing. Thanks to the lightness, the angler can detect any strike or bump or weed. High sensitivity is crucial with finicky fish or during adverse weather, which makes touch critical.

On the other hand, fiberglass rods usually are heavier and more flexible than graphite or even composite rods. The composite rods are constructed from both fiberglass and graphite and have the lightness and sensitivity of graphite and the durability of fiberglass. It would be best to stick to graphite rods for bass fishing unless you intend to do serious crank baiting.

Action of the Rod

rod actionWhen we talk of the rod’s action, it refers to the stiffness or the flexibility that it portrays. It also shows where the rod first begins to bend. The action designations range from slow, moderate, fast, moderately fast, to extra fast. For example, additional fast action will bend only slightly, and only in the upper tip. Such a rod is best for heavy fishing cover and allows you to put more pressure on the bass.

Overall Rod Power Rating

A rod’s power rating points to a rod’s total strength. The lowest rating is ultra-light, and the highest is extra heavy. When it comes to bass fishing, a power rating of medium, medium/heavy, heavy or extra heavy can suit all situations you can come encounter. It also suits the lures you may want to toss. Rods with lower power ratings can cast light lures better. However, such rods lack the backbone to deal with big bass.